Former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa wins Sri Lanka election

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A familiar name in Sri Lankan politics is back in charge.
Former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been declared the winner of Saturday’s presidential vote.
His closest rival, Sajith Premadasa, conceded defeat as early results put Rajapaksa at more than the 50 percent mark needed to avoid a second count.
Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith reports from Colombo.

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Prasanga Basnayake says:

Ajazeera suck

Tamilanda says:

தமிழனின் கொடி பறக்கும் ஈழத்தில்.. தமிழனின் தாகம் தமிழ்ஈழம். மானமுள்ள எந்த தமிழனும் உன்னை மறக்க மாட்டான்..

O W says:

Aljazeera always spreading lies. Thank you honorable Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksha ❤ . No matter what international said. We are always with you. Sinhalese buddhists are always with you. We will protect you as our lives. If someone care about minority then you can bring them back to your country those international NGOs. 😏

Rajapaksians ❤❤❤❤❤

Fathima Nazrime says:

as a muslim i support gota, bcs all other our muslim leaders are in raciest partyies we reject them i love my country! i love my mother land! i respect this is as a sinhala buddhist country! peace!

krishna kavyanjalee says:

Stop poking your finger to Sri Lanka.. mind your own business. We have a great leader now and stop spreading biased news!!

Play LK Music says:

Aha… TIGER REBELS? whoaa whoaa whoaa… We calling them TERRORISTS buddy.

Nalin Downanout says:

Obviously backers of terror hates Rajapaksa's come back.

Pro Gram Mer Ng says:

War criminal

Vikram Singh says:


Denver Gavin says:

Al jazeera as always against peace but love & support terrorist.when their is so much going on middlesat

Mj Pavithra says:

Every one should report this fake news

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